About Abacus

Abacus is an ancient counting tool used in calculations that is believed to date back to Aztec times. A common misconception about abacus is that it is only useful for early learners, as this is not true. This tool is indeed an ideal device to promote the learning of young people, but can be used with the likes of adults to aid in mental math, as well as memory. The use of an abacus for calculations provides stimulation of the right brain, considered to be the creative and imaginative side, as well as the left brain, which handles numbers and math. The integration of the two sides of the brain by the use of abacus provides countless benefits for the young and the old including:

-Fast and accurate mental math skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
-Aid in memorization skills
-Increased mental imagery skills
-Foundness of math


The abacus skill will be certified in 14 different levels by the test. Please refer below chart for better understanding for the levels.

More understanding for Abacus - Japanese TV show (English)

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